DACA Rocks! - DACA Finishes a Close 2nd with Strong Performance at the Thunderbolt Round Robin Invitational!

DACA sent a squad of 56 14 & Under Swimmers to Beaverton Oregon over Martin Luther King Weekend to compete at the Thunderbolt Round Robin Invitational. Competing against teams from the Oregon and Pacific Northwest LSC's, DACA was a force to be reckoned with, capturing wins in 2 of 3 dual meets. The DACA Team brought it strong on Monday, and were the highest scoring team in the finals session. Despite a fantastic finals effort, the Tualatin Hills Black Team came out on top in the overall scores, with DACA finishing a razor close 2nd. It was a great weekend from the DACA Group, who showed up ready to race and was far and away the most spirited team at the meet! DACA ROCKS!!

At the Thunderbolt Round Robin Invitational, the DACA All-Star Team . . .

Thanks to all of the swimmers and coaches for making the trip such a wonderful success!

Click Here for Championship Final Results

DACA All-Star Trip Competitors:

9-10 Girls: Lindsay Barnes, Sydney Su, Jenna Lacroix, Amaris Charton, Larena Tannert, Lena Kimura, Irene Chon, Karly Frangieh, Kathy Xu, Caroline Cheng

9-10 Boys: Tyler Roller, Connor Kann, Max Sorokin, Gunner Hopins, Arnav Patil, Rojel Acot, Sohil Doshi, William Kim, Tyler Angell, Ryan Tang

11-12 Girls: Neeyati Devanagondi, Allison Lacroix, Neeti Badve, Adela Eccli, Sarah Radle, Maggie Le, Siya Digra, Jane Choi

11-12 Boys: Sumer Hajela, Tommaso Morini-Bianzino, Lukas Peng, Robby Griswold, Nate Roller, Kyle Shang, Albert Xu, Boris Strots, Ryan Moore, Nilay Kundu

13-14 Girls: Jinsu Yim, Zoe Liau, Patricia Saito, Erika Kai, Katherine Chen, Kimberly Chen, Jacqueleine Liu, Iris Yuh

13-14 Boys: Oscar Khowong, Bryan Chu, Alex Kurotori, Arjun Rao, Ryan Ng, Ryan Kirton, Pratyush Iyer, Anthony Zheng, Albert Xiao, Andrew Kim