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Once known solely as an internationally ranked swim team, De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (DACA) has developed into the most comprehensive Aquatics Program in the United States.


DACA provides unparalleled instruction and state of the art facilities in every program it offers. Our complete programming includes: Learn-to-Swim and Special Needs instruction for all ages, Swim Team, Pre-Competitive Swimming for ages 5 - 14 and Fitness Swim for adults.


DACA coaches and instructors are National, Regional and Local award winners at every level. DACA conducts its own specialized training programs for all staff to ensure consistency, certification and expertise in its programs.


The ultimate goal at DACA is to provide a quality experience for every DACA member from beginner to Olympian.

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The DACA philosophy centers on the concept that Swimming is the healthiest activity for all family members.


Our world is surrounded by water. Contact with pools, lakes, rivers and oceans is inevitable. Our goal is to introduce our customers to an environment that promotes awareness of both the dangers and benefits inherent in that contact.


Recognizing that people learn in varied ways and in different time frames, the DSS program is dedicated to small classes and stepping stone progressions. The DSS instruction model utilizes a past, present, future method that emphasizes review, repetition and introduction of new skills in every lesson.


Learning to swim with the CORRECT skills can lead to a lifetime of fitness, water safety and enjoyment for the entire family.

Our History

De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (DACA) was founded in 1981 as a swim team. Its Mission Statement was “to motivate youth to achieve their fullest potential through swimming.”

While this mission remains true today, DACA is no longer solely a swim team or focused exclusively on youth programs.  In 1993, DACA expanded its offerings with a Pre- Competitive Program for children 6-14 years. In 1996, the DACA Swim School opened and began teaching infants through adults how to swim. An Aquatics Exercise Program for seniors and a Summer Swim Program were also introduced.

Current DACA programs include Adaptive and Special Needs Instruction as well as Adult Fitness and Lap Swimming. 

Our internationally renowned Swim Team produces world class student- athletes and coaches that represent DACA across the globe as members of USA National teams. In addition to competing for top team honors at every level, DACA swimmers have been awarded athletic scholarships to colleges across the country.

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