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Are you interested in getting in yourself and taking a lesson or two? We offer Adult Lessons for anyone over the age of 18 years. These lessons would be broken up into 3 levels where you would work with an instructor on basic fundamentals and deep water safety to advanced lap swimming.


Adult Beginner:

Working on swimming short distances horizontal with face in the water. Introductory Freestyle and Backstroke.

Adult Intermediate:

Can swim short distance freestyle with face in the water and wants to focus on deep water safety including treading water.

Adult Advanced:

Student is deep water safe and is working on advanced strokes breaststroke and butterfly. They may also be working on lap swimming and conditioning. 

 Registration Packet

Click here to download the PDF Registration Packet to speed up your registration process! Then come in person or call to register at: (408) 446-5600

Withdrawal Form

Taking a break from Swim Lessons?  Click here for the Withdrawal form. Withdrawals can only be accepted online or in person.


*One Thirty Minute Class per Week*       

Effective May 1, 2021

Monthly fees are determined by the number of classes offered per month

Group Class (2 to 1 Ratio):                      $55.00 per Class

Example: 4 Saturday classes offered in November, monthly fee of $220

 Splash (Drop-In):                                    $55.00 per Drop-In

 Splash classes offered anytime - requires same day registration


Annual Registration Fee:                       $50.00     

Registration Procedure

  • Registration can be done by phone (408) 446-5600 or in person at the DACA Swim Center. A registration packet must be completed before a student enters the water.

  • All enrollments after the start of the month will have their current month's tuition adjusted accordingly.

  • An annual registration fee is collected when a student enrolls, and is renewed each January thereafter.

  • If enrolling after the first class of the month, registration fees, current month's tuition and the first full month's tuition are non refundable and are due upon registration.


Payment, Credit Card Policy

  • Monthly fees are automated. Tuition is charged on the first business day of the month.

  • A $25.00 handling charge will be assessed on each declined Automatic Debit run. Account balance must be paid in full before the next lesson.


Cancellation Policy

  • Students remain registered until the DACA Swim School is officially notified via Withdrawal Form (available at A Withdrawal may be made any time during the month. Withdrawals become effective the first of the month following. No refunds will be given for partial monthly attendance. Tuition is charged on the basis of enrollment, not attendance.


General Policies

  • Accounts will be credited for the value of any class if cancelled by DACA for reasons within its control. There are no refunds, credits, or make-ups for missed classes. There will be no refunds or credits for same-day cancellations caused by events beyond DACA's control, including but not limited to lightning, earthquakes, and severe weather etc.

  • DACA offers four class transfers at no charge per calendar year per child. Transfers are limited to current availability and must be requested 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. Each additional transfer will incur a $25.00 fee.

  • For swimmers transferring from the DACA Swim School to the Pre-Competitive Program, any remaining account credits will be refunded upon placement verification within the Pre-Competitive Program.


  • These classes will be at the DACA Facility at 1080 S. De Anza Blvd. San Jose CA, 95129

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