Competitive FAQ

Why does my swimmer need to be registered with US Swimming (calendar year- annually?)

To compete in US Swimming sanctioned meets, a competitive swimmer is required to be a member of US Swimming. A DACA swimmer must be a member.

What equipment does my swimmer need?

Kick Board
Soft Fins
Pull Buoy
Paddles (small red or green)
DACA T-Shirt
Higher level groups may require additional equipment. Further information should come from the swimmer's coach.

Do you hold classes in the rain?

Competitive practices are generally held in all weather conditions. Lightning and other severe weather may result in cancellation. Refer to the DACA website Homepage for cancellation information.

How do I change practice times and locations?

Families are welcome to request time and location changes, and can be accommodated according to group size and space availability by calling the Competitive office, 408-253-7946. If DACA is unable to accommodate a request, swimmers can be placed on a waitlist.

What if my child is injured or ill?

Illnesses or injuries of a short period of time should be called in to the Competitive office as a courtesy to the coach. DACA does not pro-rate monthly fees. A medical leave of absence for a longer term illness or injury will be accepted with a doctor's note. A place will be held and fees not charged for a swimmer out on medical leave. A doctor's release must be submitted to return.

How do I re-enroll?

Returning swimmers can find a DACA Returning Competitive Registration Form under Competitive Program on the DACA website.

Are there make-ups or credits for cancelled or missed practices?

There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed practices.

How do I withdraw? If I leave the program is my spot held?

An electronic Withdrawal Notice can be found on the DACA website and must be submitted and received by the 21st of the month prior to the intended month of inactivation. DACA does not hold a swimmer's place when withdrawn.

General Swim Meet FAQ's

Are meets required?

Participation in swim meets is highly encouraged at all levels of the DACA Competitive Program. Meets are an opportunity to track progress, and are factored into decisions such as group move-ups. While strongly encouraged, swim meet participation is not mandatory at introductory levels. As swimmers progress into higher levels, they are expected to attend competition. Swimmers are expected to attend competitions as they progress to higher levels.

What meets should my swimmer attend?

There are two different types of swim meets. The first is the "CBA+." CBA+ meets are open to swimmers of all levels. A swimmer does not need previous competition experience in order to attend a CBA+ meet. All DACA Competitive Age Group Swimmers are encouraged to attend these meets. The second type of meet is a "Qualifying" Meet. Qualifying meets have specific time standards that must be met in order to participate. This includes meets such as the Junior Olympic and Far Western Championships. Swimmers who have achieved the necessary qualifying times are expected to attend.

How long do meets last?

Swim meets, depending upon the format and number of participants, can range anywhere from several hours to an entire day in length. The standard "CBA+" meet is divided into a morning and afternoon session of approximately 4 hours each. Qualifying meets such as Junior Olympics or Far Western Championships will be much longer, as there are more events offered and a larger number of participants.

Does my swimmer need to be there for warmup?

All DACA Coaches expect for their swimmers to attend warmup prior to the start of the swim meet. The warmup period allows for the swimmer to get used to a new environment, as well as properly prepare their body for competition. Missing warmup is a detriment to the athlete and will more often than not result in diminished performance. Each coach and swimming group will have slightly different warmup procedures. Your swimmer should ask his or her coach what time they should arrive at the pool in order to complete a proper warmup.

What do we do when we arrive at the pool?

The very first thing your swimmer should do once they have arrived at the pool is to check in with their coach. Swimmers must also check-in for their events. Most swim-meets are "Deck – Seeded." This means that swimmers will not be given a heat/lane assignment unless they confirm that they are present and planning on swimming specific events. Swimmers must check-in for their events no less than 30 minutes prior to the anticipated start of the event. Once an event has "Closed" (30 minutes prior), swimmers may no longer check-in for that event and will not be allowed to swim if they have not done so.


General Service Hour FAQ's

How do I check my Service Hour balance?

Service Hour balance and history are available online. In order to check this balance follow the below listed steps: 1. Login to your billing account at 2. Click "$My Invoices/Payments" located on the left hand side of the page. 3. Select the tab labeled "Service Hours." This will open up a page with your current hours worked/remaining, as well as history of your service hours from previous years.