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COMP - Schedule (SHS)

Competitive Schedule

for Saratoga High School

DACA Facility

Saratoga High School

Saratoga High School

20300 Herriman Ave.

Saratoga, CA 95070

** The Pool is located next to the tennis courts.

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Download the schedule here:

Competitive Schedule  for Saratoga High School

TURBO (10 & Under)

GROUP     Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach       Price

Turbo 1            4:30PM-5:30PM   4:30PM-5:30PM     4:30PM-5:30PM         4:30PM-5:30PM     4:30PM-5:30PM                                    Alex Nordhoff         $170

Turbo 2            5:45PM-6:45PM   5:45PM-6:45PM     5:45PM-6:45PM         5:45PM-6:45PM     5:45PM-6:45PM                                    Golda Marcus         $170

TITANS (10 & Under)

GROUP    Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach      Price

Titan 1          4:30PM-5:45PM   4:30PM-5:45PM        4:30PM-5:45PM         4:30PM-5:45PM      4:30PM-5:45PM                                  Golda Marcus     $187

SPRINTER (11 - 14)

GROUP    Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach      Price

Sprinter 1      5:30PM-6:30PM   5:30PM-6:30PM     5:30PM-6:30PM         5:30PM-6:30PM     5:30PM-6:30PM                              Alex Nordhoff            $170

Sprinter 2      6:30PM-7:30PM   6:30PM-7:30PM     6:30PM-7:30PM         6:30PM-7:30PM     6:30PM-7:30PM                              Alex Nordhoff            $170

Sprinter 3      7:00PM-8:00PM   7:00PM-8:00PM     7:00PM-8:00PM         7:00PM-8:00PM     7:00PM-8:00PM                              Golda Marcus            $170

PROS (11 - 14)

GROUP     Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach      Price

Pro 1                6:30PM-8:00PM   6:30PM-8:00PM     6:30PM-8:00PM         6:30PM-8:00PM     6:30PM-8:00PM                                     Annie Stein        $226

Select 1(5th and 6th Grade)

GROUP    Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach        Price

Select 1         4:30PM-6:15PM     4:30PM-6:15PM      4:30PM-6:15PM         4:30PM-6:15PM     4:30PM-6:15PM        TBA                Mike Allegretti         $232

Elite (7th and 8th Grade)

GROUP    Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach       Price

Elite             4:30PM-6:30PM     4:30PM-6:30PM      4:30PM-6:30PM         4:30PM-6:30PM     4:30PM-6:30PM        TBA                      Annie Stein         $256

VARSITY (High School Ages)

GROUP     Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday       Coach     Price

Varsity            6:30PM-8:00PM    6:30PM-8:00PM      6:30PM-8:00PM          6:30PM-8:00PM      6:30PM-8:00PM                                Ray Laughlin      $226

SENIOR SELECT (High School Ages)

GROUP      Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday       Friday        Saturday    Coach       Price

Senior Select 4:30PM-6:30PM     4:30PM-6:30PM      4:30PM-6:30PM           4:30PM-6:30PM     4:30PM-6:30PM         TBA      Alberto Sigismondi      $294



GROUP      Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday         Friday              Saturday       Price

Senior Elite   5:30AM-7:00AM     5:30AM-7:00AM      5:30AM-7:00AM          5:30AM-7:00AM            5:30AM-7:00AM             TBA                            $358

National        5:30AM-7:00AM     5:30AM-7:00AM      5:30AM-7:00AM          5:30AM-7:00AM            5:30AM-7:00AM             TBA                             $372

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