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Pre-Competitive Policies & Procedures

  • Online registrations are available for the Pre-Competitive Program. For online registration instructions CLICK HERE to go to the pre-competitive registration page.

  • Registrations are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Current DACA Pre-Competitive Students will have a priority registration period.

  • Maximum of 7 swimmers per class.

  • The monthly class fee of $125 will be automatically charged on the first business day of the month. A $25.00 handling charge will be assessed for declined credit card charges.

  • Students registering after the first class of the month will be charged a prorated fee for that month. 

General Policies

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal: DACA Pre-Competitive is an ongoing swim program. Students remain enrolled unless DACA is officially notified via the Withdrawal Form submitted from the DACA website at Withdrawals must be submitted no later than the 21st of the month to become effective the first of the following month. Withdrawal notification by phone is not a valid form of notification. No refunds will be given for partial monthly attendance. Tuition is charged on the basis of enrollment, not attendance.

  • Registration Fee: An annual $55.00 Registration fee will be collected the first time a student enrolls in a calendar year and every January thereafter. Fees for students enrolling for the first time in the last quarter of any calendar year will apply to the subsequent year.

  • Any credit balance for swimmers transferring from DACA Swim School to the Pre-Competitive Program will be issued as a refund. Once placement in the Pre-Competitive Program is confirmed, please contact the DACA Swim School for transfer notification.

  • Class Changes: DACA offers four free class transfers per calendar year, per child. For each additional transfer request, a $25.00 charge will be incurred. Transfers must be completed not less than 24-hours before the start of the next scheduled class.

  • Withdrawal: To withdraw from the program, DACA must be officially notified using the Withdrawal Form available HERE

  • Make-up Policy: There will be no make-ups for missed classes unless cancelled by DACA.

  • Change of Class Location: DACA does not own the facilities it uses for the outdoor Pre-Competitive Program. The facility owner may schedule certain events or facility maintenance that will take precedence over DACA Pre-Competitive classes. The owner of the facility is also responsible for repairing any problems with the pool. DACA works closely with the facility owners to minimize any disruptions to DACA’s programs. DACA may move classes to a different location during the period the facility is being used for an event or is under repair. DACA will make every effort to keep class times the same and the alternate site within a reasonable distance. DACA will also inform members as far in advance as possible about any class location changes. There will be no refunds or make-ups for classes that are temporarily relocated to a different facility.

  • Pre-Competitive classes are generally held in all weather conditions. Lightning and other severe weather may result in cancellation. Refer to the DACA homepage for class cancellation information during inclement weather.

  • There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes due to severe weather conditions, or any other reason out of DACA's control.

  • DACA reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule classes that do not meet a minimum of two students.

  • Parking passes for De Anza College are non-refundable.

  • Need based financial aid is available. Please contact the DACA office for an application at (408) 253-7946.

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