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Summer swim lesson classes are offered Monday-Thursday at Westmont High School.  Classes are 30 minutes in length with a 3 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio.

DACA Levels

Lesson Descriptions: Please use this information to help determine proper placement of the student. Classes may be cancelled or combined if the minimum student requirement is not met. 


Rainbow Ribbon: Ages 3-5 years. Introduction to the aquatic environment, comfort in the water, supported and unsupported kicking on front and back, short swims digging and kicking.


Blue Ribbon: Ages 5 and up. Jumps from the side of pool, supported and unsupported floating on back, swims alternating from stomach to back, kicking on back with and without assistance.


Red Ribbon: Ages 5 and up. Ages 5 and up. Floating and kicking on back without assistance, treading water, underwater swims, surface dives.

White Ribbon: Ages 5 and up. Introduction to freestyle, backstroke, and dolphin kick.

Purple Ribbon: Ages 5 and up. Develop freestyle, backstroke, and dolphin kick skills. Introduction to elementary backstroke, longer underwater swims. 


Orange Ribbon: Ages 5 and up. Refine freestyle and backstroke skills.  Develop breaststroke and butterfly skills.

Fee Structure


$145 per Session (Monday-Thursday)

No Refunds for DACA Summer Swim


Summer Swim Registration will open Monday, March 28, 2022.


Session 1: June 13th - June 16th

Session 2: June 20th - June 23rd

Session 3: June 27th - June 30th

Session 4: July 5th - July 7th (No classes on July 4th)

Session 5: July 11th - 14th

Session 6: July 18th - 21st

Session 7: July 25th - 28th

Session 8: August 1st-August 4th

Lesson Times





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