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How To Sign-Up For A Swim Meet

There are two different ways to sign your child up for a swim meet. The first is a mail-in paper entry with a check. The second is through the online swimconnection entry system.

Whether you plan on entering via paper entry or swimconnection, you will want to read the meet sheet thoroughly and be prepared with the following information:

  1. Your child's USA Swimming Registration #. If you are unsure of your child's number, follow the formula below:

    • Birth date in two digit format

      • 010299 for January 2, 1999

    • First 3 letters of the swimmers first name

    • Middle initial (if provided on your DACA registration form)

    • First four letters of the swimmers last name
      Note: use an * to replace missing letters

      EX 1: Mary Ellen Doe born on January 2, 1999

          USS ID #- 010299MAREDOE*

      EX 2: John Doe born on December 20, 2001

          USS ID #- 122001JOH*DOE*

  2. Your child's club abbreviation/code - DACA

  3. Your child's LSC code - PC

  4. Your child's best times

    1. Note - If you child has never competed in a particular event; you will want to enter them as "NT," standing for "No Time."

    For detailed Swim Connection Entry Instructions click here.

    For detailed instruction on how to completed a paper meet entry click here

CLICK HERE - For instructions on how to sign up using

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