The DACA Swim School was founded in 1996. Our primary purpose is to teach infants, children and adults to swim properly.

To that end, DACA has developed a proven method of teaching that ensures skill development, a love of the water and a healthy respect for water safety.

DACA instructors are trained on site, in the classroom and in the pool, for not less than 30 hours of intensive training. Our deck supervisors assist our teachers, provide customer service and ensure safety on the pool deck. The Swim School deck staff is certified in both CPR and First Aid.

Our state of the art DACA Swim Center offers two pools heated to 90 degrees at all times with adjoining locker rooms. 

There is a maximum of four students per class with private and semi- private lessons available. Parent child classes can consist of up to six students and six adults. Classes can begin at three months of age.

DACA offers an accelerated learn to swim-program during the summer, year round Splash Classes (drop in classes), and a Pre-Competitive program that includes nights and weekends. We also offer specialty programs for adults and for children with special needs.

The DACA Pre-Competitive Program is an introductory program designed to improve stroke and turn technique in preparation for the DACA Competitive Team.  Small class sizes of no more than seven swimmers of similar ability allow for first-class instruction that is both focused and personalized.  Instruction in the DACA Pre-Competitive Program provides a technical skill base, igniting a love of the water and inspiring our swimmers to continue on in all levels of the DACA Competitive Team.


The award winning DACA Swim School has been the premier swim school in the Bay Area for more than twenty years. For quality, time tested instruction at any age, there is no better choice than the DACA Swim School.



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DACA Ribbon Levels

DACA Swim School divides its levels by specific skills designed to help the student learn how to swim in the most safe and progressive manner. Click each Button for a more detailed explanation of each skill.

Find My Level

Unsure of the appropriate level for your child? Our online questionnaire can help determine the best fit!

Water Babies

For students from 3 months to 3 years.

Pink Ribbon Level

For those who have never attended a class before - novice students.

Rainbow Ribbon Level

For students comfortable in classes working on short swims.

Green Ribbon Level

For students who can swim a short distance working on pop-up breaths.

Blue Ribbon Level

For students who can swim short distances, and working on back kicks.

Red Ribbon Level

Can comfortably swim one length of the pool doing pop-ups and PB+J.

White Ribbon Level

Student is deep water safe, and now working on strokes.

Purple Ribbon Level

Can swim one length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.

Orange Ribbon Level

Can do freestyle/backstroke and working on breaststroke and butterfly.

Gold Starfish Award

Student can comfortably swim one pool length of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

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Other Levels

Along with the Regular Ribbon Levels DACA offers additional levels. Click each Button for a more detailed explanation of each skill.

Special Needs Level

For Students with Special Needs.

Youth Level 1

10 to 17 year olds who are practicing basic swimming skills (beginner).

Youth Level 2

10 to 17 year old students with basic swimming skills working on deep water safety (intermediate).

Youth Level 3

10 to 17 year old students who are deep water safe and working on advanced strokes (advanced).

Adult Level

For all skill level adults over the age of 18.

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