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DSS - Covid-19 Updates


Covid-19 Updates

April 16, 2021

After a successful reopening, the DACA Swim School has expanded it's class offerings to include Water Baby and Special Needs classes beginning Saturday, April 24.  Registration is now available!

February 5, 2021

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has stated that drowning prevention classes, including swim lessons, have been deemed essential. 

We are excited to announce the DACA Swim School will reopen on Wednesday, February 10th for swim lessons of all levels including Pre-Competitive classes!  Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer Special Needs or Adult classes, but look forward to adding these additional classes as soon as possible.  We will still be operating in a limited capacity with a maximum of 9 individuals total in both pools at any time. 

As with our previous opening, county safety procedures will require DACA’s swim programs to change in terms of class size, class schedules, parent viewing, and locker room access.  

For the safety and progression of our swimmers, all Rainbow-White ribbon level classes will be taught as private classes (1 swimmer with 1 instructor) with the instructor in the water.  All instructors will wear a mask, face shield, and utilize floatation devices and other pool equipment to instruct and minimize hands on instruction.  All which will be sanitized after the completion of the class and before the next class.  Classes will be 20 minutes in length. 

DACA will also offer semi-private (2 swimmers with 1 instructor) classes for families or swimmers who are already in a learning or play group together.  Swimmers must be of similar skill level.  If interested in a semi-private class please email or call (408) 446-5600.

All Purple, Orange, and Gold Starfish levels along with Pre-Competitive classes will be 30 minutes in length with a maximum of six students in one class.  One swimming lane will accommodate two swimmers on opposite ends of the lane.  All students will be coached from the pool deck; similar to the Pre-Competitive program.

Registration is now available.  To begin, DACA will be offering a limited schedule, but look forward to expanding with demand!  If the day or time you wish to register is not available, please contact us!


Please contact the DACA office via email  or call us at 408-446-5600 if you have any questions.

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