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DACA Swim School Withdrawal

Withdrawals must be submitted no later than the 25th of the month to become effective the next
month.  The date of cancellation is selected on the withdrawal form.  If selecting a mid-month
cancellation date, a pro-rated fee will be charged on the first of the month.  Tuition is charged on the
basis of enrollment, not attendance. All fields below are mandatory for submission. 

NOTE: Multiple students need to be submitted individually.

If you wish to cancel for the full month of July, select July 1st as the effective date.  The withdrawal must
be submitted by June 25th.
If you wish to participate for part of the month of July, the form must be submitted by June 25th.  If you
are enrolled in Saturday classes and you want your last class attended to be July 8th, select July 15th as
the effective date.

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