•            All NEW swimmers must be evaluated prior to registration.

  •            Be sure to choose the appropriate class level (All class registrations WILL be verified).

  •            Selecting an incorrect class level may result in cancellation.


To Register:
1. Online registration is now available.
2. Go to  ONLINE REGISTRATION  and click on Pre-Competitive in the menu bar or click here.
3. Use the filters to select the desired Location, Time and Day or select/click on the desired Session.
4. Select the appropriate Level based on your final evaluation form or your initial placement evaluation.
5. Click on the red Class Cost/Days/Times to pick the day, time and location of your desired class.
6. Click on the red Register Button to register for the class of your choice.


*If you currently have an online account set up with the Competitive Swim Team please use your existing log in information to sign in. If you need assistance in retrieving this information please contact the DACA office at 408-253-7946.

*If you do not currently have a Competitive account please set up you account at this time.

7. Complete all required fields
8. Repeat process to add multiple students into the same registration/shopping cart
9. Complete registration by processing payment.

10. If you would prefer to submit a hard copy (paper) application, please select the appropriate pool

      location below and mail or fax it into the DACA office.

Or click the links to download PDF forms

2019 Summer Session at

De Anza College & Saratoga High School:

June 10th - August 10th

Registration will be available December 18, 2018

Registration for the 2019 Summer session will open on June 4th

click the links to download PDF forms


DACA Levels

Lesson Descriptions: Please use this information to help determine proper placement of the student. Classes may be cancelled or combined if the minimum student requirement is not met. Lesson ratios: Pre-School, Youth Levels 1 through 5 (4:1 ratio).


Pre-School: Ages 3-5 years. Introduction to the aquatic environment, comfort in the water, supported floating and kicking on front and back. Supported alternating arm action and safety skills.


Youth Level 1 (YL1): Ages 5 and up. Increase comfort in water, supported and unsupported floating, kicking on front and back. Assisted and unassisted alternating arm action, submersions, jumps from side of pool, safety skills, and introduction to treading water.


Youth Level 2 (YL2): Ages 5 and up. Improve fundamental aquatic skills, treading water. Introduction to Freestyle and backstroke, Dolphin Kick, Surface Dives, and Underwater Swimming.


Youth Level 3 (YL3): Ages 5 and up. Develop Freestyle, Backstroke, and Dolphin Kick. Introduction to Breaststroke kick, aquatic somersaults, and 25-yard swims.


Youth Level 4 (YL4): Ages 5 and up. Continue to develop and refine Freestyle, Backstroke, and Dolphin Kick. Develop Breaststroke kick, aquatic somersaults, and introduction to breaststroke.


Youth Level 5 (YL5): Ages 5 and up. Refine Freestyle, Backstroke, and aquatic somersault skills. Develop Breaststroke skills. Introduction to butterfly and dives from the pool deck. 

Fee Structure


Saratoga High School          Summer 2018 Fees

Session 1-3, 5-8                    $75.00

*Session 4                              $56.25                 

No Refunds for DACA Summer Swim

Session fees will be prorated based upon start date (date of registration)



All lessons are 30 minutes in length and are held Monday through Thursday. Lesson times offered are:

Registration will be available March 19th 2019

2019 Spring Session at De Anza College and Saratoga High School: March 25th - June 1st

click the links to download PDF forms

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