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DACA Pre-Competitive Program is an introductory program designed to improve stroke and turn technique in preparation for the DACA Competitive Team.  Small class sizes of no more than seven swimmers of similar ability allow for first-class instruction that is both focused and personalized.  Instruction in the DACA Pre-Competitive Program provides a technical skill base, igniting a love of the water and inspiring our swimmers to continue on in all levels of the DACA Competitive Team.

Ongoing month-to-month classes are offered at state of the art facilities.  Both locations, Saratoga High School and De Anza College, feature outdoor, heated pools with full locker rooms and ample spectator seating.

DACA also offers indoor Pre-Competitive at our swim school location. For more information specifically regarding the Indoor Pre-Competitive please call 408-446-5600.

Pre-Competitive Schedule

*All classes listed Dolphin/Emerald are combined level classes.


Each class level in the DACA Pre-Competitive Program is integrally related to the previous level and the following level. Certain skills are emphasized at each class level and students are allowed to progress from one level to the next when they are able to correctly perform specific skills. The class level progression, from the first to last level, is Shark, Dolphin, and Emerald. Below is more information on each class level. 



Shark is for swimmers who have achieved strength and endurance in freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers have a basic understanding of flip turns and breaststroke.



Dolphin level swimmers have achieved strength and endurance in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Swimmers also understand the basics of turns and butterfly.



Emerald level swimmers have achieved strength and endurance in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimmers have achieved a level of competency in the turns. This is the advanced level of the DACA Pre-Competitive Program.

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